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Featured Assets - Recent Values
AssetNews 30d AvgSocial 30d AvgNews 5d AvgSocial 5d Avg
Adani Group−43.9%−34.9%−45.5%−33.9%
Alphabet Inc25.3%15.4%34.3%9.7%
Apple Inc29.3%16.6%24.9%15.7%
Bank of Japan29.4%40.2%33.6%
Boeing Co45.2%38.3%40.5%67.4%
Coinbase Global Inc7%4.2%−6.9%2.5%
FTX Trading Ltd−27.9%−56.7%−31.2%
Fox Corp−31.9%−36.6%−30.5%−36.7%
Google LLC11.4%3.6%5.4%7.9%
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd39.2%11.2%36.8%6.9%
Meta Platforms Inc4.4%23.7%−14.8%45%
Microsoft Corp38.8%17.1%23.1%16.8%
Norfolk Southern Corp9.6%−0.6%−2.5%10.1%
Reserve Bank of India7.8%−12.3%−13.9%−18.3%
S&P Global Inc68.1%64.7%78.9%65%
SVB Financial Group−2%−18.4%−8.6%−17.2%
Salesforce Inc68.9%36.2%79%80%
Silvergate Capital Corp−5.1%−19.6%9.3%0.6%
Space Exploration Technologies Corp31.1%25.3%20.3%34.8%
Tesla Inc32.4%16.2%21.1%20.9%
Toyota Motor Corp6.3%29.2%4.7%11.1%
Walmart Inc16%1.5%4.3%−2%
Walt Disney Co27.2%15%22%9.7%
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